Bulk wine

Bulk wine is ready to be bottled and does not need any adding, it is best to bottle it as soon as possible; however, if you want to wait for the most suitable moon, it is essential to keep it cool.

It is advisable to use well-cleaned bottles and to close them with a crown cap or plastic cap with wired hoods. (cork is not recommended). Once bottled, it must be placed in a warm room (temperature 15 / 20° C) so that re-fermentation can take place; this will last a few weeks and can be considered completed once you notice the characteristic deposit at the bottom of the bottle. The slight deposit is made up of yeasts which keep the wine young and fresh thanks to the release of carbon dioxide produced by re-fermentation; when the bottles are ready they should be stored in a cool place (cellar). The wine should be served at a temperature of 8 / 10° C after decanting in order to avoid clouding, it is ideal as an aperitif and to be enjoyed throughout the meal, it is elegant and harmonious in its components, with a characteristic aroma reminiscent of fruit and bread crust.