Lands and vineyards

It is around 300 to 360 metres above sea level, one of the highest and most arduous vineyards to work, but thanks to the soil rich in calcareous marl it gives minerality and flavour to the grapes. Mainly facing North-South it has the oldest vines on the estate, some of which are almost a century old.

At a height that rapidly varies from 220 to 300 metres above sea level lies the 'Via Calnova' vineyard, right behind the winery, facing East-West, a place where we take our visitors for beautiful walks to show what we mean by 'heroic hillside viticulture'.

Located 200 - 300 metres above sea level. It is a small vineyard facing East-West, very steep and generous; the morphology of the land is amphitheatre-shaped, which particularly benefits exposure from the sun, and it is cultivated exclusively with Prosecco.

The Col de Attila vineyard owes its name to the hill where it is located; only a few of us in the area cultivate red grapes (Cabernet and Merlot). It stands in a rounded undulation between Farra di Soligo and Col San Martino. According to tradition, it was Attila's savage hordes that first raised it. And legend has it that it was actually there that the great leader was buried together with immense treasures, and that he now watches over our vineyards to ensure that they yield grapes that are... mighty!